‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review

“Avengers: Infinity War” is all about vision. The act. Not the character. That Marvel Studios and its president, Kevin Feige, had this movie in mind—or at least the idea of it—more than 10 years ago is a testament to their talents, strategy, and storytelling abilities. “Infinity War” took a decade to build – and it is a monument of modern-day moviemaking. 

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The Bond Bracket

A James Bond tournament? Like March Madness? “You must be joking.” I never joke about my Magic Word, 007. Indeed, given today’s encouraging news that Danny Boyle will “return” to direct Her Majesty’s favorite Double-O, coupled with this month’s classic competition, I decided to see which films could last the longest in this Scaramanga-style showdown: […]

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‘Annihilation’ Review

“Annihilation” doesn’t happen all that often. Part drama, part horror, director Alex Garland achieves the difficult deed of making the sci-fi smart and the scares unsettling, all amid the backdrop of a wonderfully beautiful, shimmer-laden swamp. It’s disturbingly gripping. And malignantly memorable.

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‘Lady Bird’ Review

For a movie to elicit emotion is not easy. Think about it. Movies can pull you in and keep your interest, but how often do they really make you laugh, gasp, smile, or cry?

The best manage one or some of those responses. “Lady Bird” captures them all, nestled under her colorfully soft yet strikingly powerful wings.

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